Capitol Hill Brief — Repeal ObamaCare

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What a disaster ObamaCare has proven to be. The stories of decreases in coverage, along with unreasonable increases in cost, seem endless. And it’s not going to get better any time soon.

According to the Heritage Foundation, “in 2017, on the ObamaCare exchanges in 39 states, the average premium increase for the benchmark plan will be 25 percent.”

That’s on top of the steep increases we’ve already seen!

Thank God, President-elect Trump has plans to repeal this job-killing, economy-crippling legislation. But that is just step one in the process of making health care both more proficient and more affordable for American families.

It must be a priority for the President-elect and also Congress.

The first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency will be critical. Join CWA and encourage him to prioritize conservative values. Visit to sign our petition today. If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.

Capitol Hill Brief — Do You Know Planned Parenthood?

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Do you really know Planned Parenthood?  Here they are testifying before the Florida legislature:

[* Audio Clip] Florida State Rep. Jim Boyd: It’s just really hard for me to even ask you this question, because I’m almost in disbelief. If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that’s struggling for life?

[* Audio Clip] Planned Parenthood representative Alisa LaPolt Snow: Well, we believe, we believe that, you know, any decision that’s made should be left up to the fam-, to the woman, her family, and the physician.

Did you catch the exchange?  If a baby is born alive (meaning he or she is outside the womb) after a botched abortion, Planned Parenthood believes it is up to the mother, the abortionist, and the family, whether they let him or her die on the table or not.  That’s Planned Parenthood.

*Full exchange available at the 39-minute mark of this video.

Help defund Planned Parenthood for good. Visit and take our brief survey so I can show Congress that millions of Americans value life.  To listen to today’s broadcast, click here.

If you’d like to hear these commentaries on the radio, find me on your local radio station.

Capitol Hill Brief — No Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood

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Imagine someone wants to make a donation to your charity.

[Clip 1*] Hi, uh, I’m interested in making a donation today.

And you quickly discover they want to donate in order to hurt minorities.

[Clip 2*] When I underwrite abortion, does that apply to minorities, too?

Would you take the money?  Of course not!  But you are not Planned Parenthood:

[Clip 3*] If you specifically wanted to underwrite an abortion for a minority person, you can target that way.

That’s an actual Planned Parenthood worker speaking.

[Clip 4*] There’s definitely way too many black people in Ohio, so I’m just trying to do my part. Lots of special need abortions, too.

Planned Parenthood’s answer?

[Clip 5*] Well, for whatever reason, we’ll accept the money.

Remember that.  Planned Parenthood doesn’t even flinch in taking a donation targeting minorities.

Help defund Planned Parenthood for good. Visit and take our brief survey so I can show Congress that millions of Americans value life.

*Audio clips courtesy of Live Action.

Capitol Hill Brief — Give Thanks for an Awesome God

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Did you know we are the only country in the world that celebrates Thanksgiving?  Though celebrated since the pilgrims, Thanksgiving wasn’t made an official holiday until 1863, when Abraham Lincoln instituted it as a way to heal the wounds of the nation after civil war.  Many believed these wounds could never be healed, but Lincoln believed in a God beyond human comprehension.

We believe in that God still today.  So for all the division and strife we saw during this election season, let us remember Thanksgiving as it was intended, to spread peace in our divided land — to give thanks to our Lord, not only for what He has done, but also for what He is yet to do.

This holiday season, we’ll come together to celebrate with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to give thanks and to pray for our nation and each other.  Visit for a special Thanksgiving prayer guide today. 

Capitol Hill Brief — Thank God for America

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I love Thanksgiving! It makes me so happy to reflect on what I have instead of what I don’t — God’s goodness instead of the world’s sin. I am so thankful for my faith, my family, the members of Concerned Women for America, the many conservative women who came before us, and the amazing country we live in.

In other nations, governments mandate how many children women are allowed to have have or the faith they must abide by. But America is a great nation for women — a nation where I am free to have both a ministry and a family. A place where I’m free to act according to my faith and my conscience. So this Thanksgiving, let us thank God for America!

This holiday season, we’ll come together to celebrate with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to give thanks and to pray for our nation and each other. Visit for a special Thanksgiving prayer guide today.

Capitol Hill Brief — Grateful for Our Foundations

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Did you know that the same week Congress approved the First Amendment they requested President Washington to declare the First National Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer to Almighty God?

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor. … Now, therefore, I do recommend [this day] to be devoted … to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be …

That’s the belief America was founded on. And we should be so grateful.

This holiday season, we’ll come together to celebrate with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to give thanks and to pray for our nation and each other. Visit for a special Thanksgiving prayer guide today. To listen to today’s broadcast, click here.

The Deafening Silence of the Mainstream Media

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The press is of vital importance to Western civilization. It is a powerful tool because of its ability to bring attention to any situation.  Thomas Jefferson said, “The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.” Read More

Abortion Demographics – Who Has an Abortion?

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Each year in the United States, about 950,000 abortions take place, which account for about 20% (1 in 5) of pregnancies in our nation. Sixty-five percent of these abortions are occurring when the woman is seven weeks pregnant or more.  The pro-life movement has successfully reduced the number of abortions, but they have not been able to end it.

As we seek strategy for the continuing fights, it’s important to identity who has abortions.  Who are the women we need to reach with the message that the unborn child’s life is valuable?


FACT: Not every state reports abortion by ethnicity, but those that do reveal that abortions to blacks and Hispanic women account for 55.4% of the 405,795 abortions reported by race.  This number is disproportionate considering the fact that black and Hispanic women only comprise roughly 29% of the total U.S. population.

ACTION: Given the number of minority babies aborted, we need to expose abortion as a form of racism that may be targeting minority women for profit.  This also creates a demographic disaster for minority populations.


FACT: Sixty percent of women getting an abortion are in their 20s.  That breaks down to about 33% of all abortions to women who are just 20-24, and about another 25% of abortions to women 25-29.

ACTION: Women who obtain abortions are mostly young women in their 20s trying to forge their way through the responsibilities of adult life.  They may be putting off childbearing until they feel more stable.  It’s important to support women who are young and pregnant, so they don’t look to abortion as their only option.

Marital Status

FACT: Unmarried women account for about 85% of all abortions.

ACTION: Improving marriage rates will lower abortion rates.  Few draw the clear, direct connection between the collapse of the institution of marriage and the family and abortion.  Churches and policies that support and encourage marriage and parenting will treat the underlying disease, not just abortion — the symptom of a larger problem.  Sadly, women without supportive partners often feel like they are left with no choice but to abort the child.

Other Children

FACT: One of the most surprising facts about abortion is that almost 60% of women obtaining an abortion have already given birth to one or more children!  Only 40.3% abort their first child.

ACTION: One would think that having other children would change a mother’s heart to welcome the beauty and joy of mothering.  But for some reason, they feel like they cannot handle another child.  This speaks to a failure in our culture to make children wanted and mothers supported.  If moms feel so overwhelmed they kill their own unborn children, then what are we doing to help them feel less overwhelmed, less alone, and less financially strained?  Communities which are truly pro-life will build a culture of life where parenting is not all on the mother’s shoulders, but where fathers and communities help share the load.


FACT: Thirty-seven percent of women obtaining abortions identified as evangelical or Catholic.

ACTION: Though self-identification may be a poor form of measuring religious engagements, these findings show that women getting an abortion are willing to be thought of as religious, but are also still willing to get an abortion.  This is a tragic failure of the Church to truly educate women on what it means to trust God’s providence and forgiveness in difficult circumstances.

Income Level 

FACT: Poverty does drive women to abortion.  The economic incentive behind the idea that they can pay for an abortion instead of raising a child is a significant driving force behind their “decision,” one they likely feel driven to by these practicalities of not making ends meet. Three out of four women having an abortion are low income and cluster near or below the poverty line.

ACTION: The economic factor behind the abortion decision needs to be met with advocating for policies which reduce poverty and encourage upward mobility.

A Portrait of an Abortion-Minded Woman

If all these statistics are taken together, you may end up with a picture like this.

An African-American woman named Maria is living in Baltimore.  She is 23 years old and already has a young two-year-old named Michael.  She baptized Michael into the Catholic Church, but hasn’t been to church much since, though she’s always considered herself Catholic.  Maria is unmarried and living below the poverty line.  Michael’s dad left just before she found out she was pregnant again.  She works two jobs, but is shouldered with the responsibility of her son and her aging mother, who is soon going to become unable to care for Michael when Maria’s at work.  The cost of childcare and nursing care will be heavy.

At seven weeks pregnant, Maria goes to Planned Parenthood.  She is reluctant to go through the trauma of abortion, as she’s heard that it is unpleasant.  But she just can’t figure out how to fit another baby into her crumbling world. So she faces it — like everything else in her life lately — alone.

The crisis of girls with stories like this is not that they are particularly desirous of abortion through some ideological feeling of career advancement and reproductive rights and freedoms.  Instead, some women who choose abortion feel like they don’t have a choice.  Poverty, age, and everything else feels like it’s stacked against them.  And although they love children enough to often have already had one, how tragic it is to see that they cannot fathom another?  Through strong charity support and the social safety net, girls like Maria need our support and understanding.  They need the Church to see them, know them, and act to help them.

Chaney Mullins serves as Special Projects Writer for Concerned Women for America.



HHS Wants to Force States to Fund Planned Parenthood

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hhslogoIn September, the Health and Human Services Department released a report detailing their argument for a new rule saying that states can’t deny Title X funding to “focused reproductive health providers” — which is code for Planned Parenthood.  Title X was a provision of the Public Health Service Act, originally enacted in 1980 and dedicated to funding family planning programs.  Under their argument, family planning and women’s health services which qualify for Title X funding are offered by Planned Parenthood, and regardless of what else Planned Parenthood does, they can’t be denied the Title X funds.

If such a new rule is enacted, all the state and federal efforts to redirect funding to Community Health Centers would thus be rendered useless.

According to HHS, Planned Parenthood provides services that are more “effective” and “high quality” than other health centers.  But this HHS recommendation is littered with agenda-driven jargon that bulldozes state rights, disregards fair reporting, and invents unclear qualifications.

  • States would no longer be able to control who receives Title X funding. States are the best judge of which entities in their state serve their people best, but would lose jurisdiction to make those geographically-specific qualifications.
  • HHS is trying desperately to undo the work of state legislators who have defunded Planned Parenthood. HHS is effectively disregarding the legislative branch and the public will in favor of further government executive overreach. Bottom line: the Obama Administration is protecting big abortion.
  • Community Health Centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics 20 to 1; they would be able to absorb the influx of patients, especially with funds further redirected away from Planned Parenthood and towards them.
  • Some women may not know a Community Health Center option is available to them, but a marketing push to help them know all the places they can get help can aid this transition.
  • Planned Parenthood makes enough profit to be able to make up for the lack of federal funds. Thus, any real reduction in Planned Parenthood’s services is due to a failure of Planned Parenthood to prioritize their budget to women most in need, not a failure of the direction of state funds.  In some states, Planned Parenthood would still receive Medicaid reimbursements for their medical services, even if the Title X funding source is removed.
  • The reporting methodology of the HHS report relies on demographic trends to generate numbers, not hard data such as assessment of women’s true needs, structures, processes, and outcomes that would be required for a full audit of the effectiveness of Title X recipients and subrecipients.
  • When national numbers are considered, community health centers are providing more services in both number and type, and serving more patients, than Planned Parenthood.
  • The HHS arguments that reproductive-focused health clinics are more “effective” and provide “high quality” care are subjective terms that beg further definition.
  • The actual goal of Title X includes making provision for improving the health of women and infants. Considering Planned Parenthood’s narrow focus on reproductive healthcare for women only, Community Healthcare, which cares for a broad spectrum of health needs for women and children, is actually more effective at fulfilling Title X’s stated purposes.
  • If HHS is going to adapt their rules for recipients, they would be wise to consider the larger trend in healthcare towards more comprehensive care, not more specified services.
  • Thirty-one citations of the HHS report are generated by a biased source — a research arm that used to be part of Planned Parenthood.

Many of these points are outlined in a bipartisan letter authored by Joni Ernst and Diane Black, available here in its entirety. The HHS rule is available to read here.  You can view more information about why women don’t need Planned Parenthood here.

Chaney Mullins serves as Special Projects Writer for Concerned Women for America.